• 1. Since we began the partnership with the schools, the RFS has raised over three-quarters of a million dollars ($754K); $420K from ICRR
  • 2. The race has raised more than $50K in each of the past 6 years and 9 of the last 10
  • 3. In 2015, the race raised a record $72K and return a record amount, $11K+, to 26 individual buildings through participation awards

Course Map

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Runners and volunteers should be advised that race officials are monitoring the weather and will make every effort to advise if there is a weather hazard. If notified of a weather hazard, people should seek immediate shelter.
If a weather hazard occurs before the start of activities a delay may take place. If a weather hazard occurs after the start of the event cancelation may occur.

Safe Places A large permanent building or metal vehicle is best. If there's lightning and you are caught with nowhere to go, crouch in a low place with your feet on the ground and your hands over your ears to minimize the truly ear-splitting quality of lightning up close and personal. Don't sit or lie down; minimize your contact with the ground while trying to be as low as possible. Don't huddle; keep at least 15 feet between you and the next person.

Unsafe Places are near metal or water; under trees; on hills; near electrical/electronics equipment.

Do not continue to run or walk the course.

In the event of a delay, once the weather hazard has subsided, race officials will communicate the resumption of some or all activities depending upon the time available. In the event of a cancelation, results will be based on those runners, if any, who have finished at the time of the cancelation. In the event of a cancelation, once the weather hazard has subsided, race officials will drive the course to provide transportation back to the start for volunteers and participants.



Get credit for your school* by volunteering for Run for the Schools.
Want to help out as a volunteer for Run for the Schools? You can get credit for your school by signing up to do this as well! Lots of volunteers are necessary to make sure this annual race is a success! Adult as well as high school age volunteers are needed on Saturday, October 15th and Sunday, October 16th. Please contact Theresa Weeks at weeks.theresa@iowacityschools.org with questions and to sign up.

*As a volunteer, when you designate any Iowa City area school (Iowa City School District or Regina only), that school will get credit for your participation.

When all volunteers as well as race participants have been tabulated from each school, a monetary award is presented to that school from Iowa City Road Races. We call it the "Participation Awards."